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Deltona Records Recording Studio

To Inquire About Studio Time call Frank Starchak: 386-575-2601

DELTONA  RECORDS offers professional recording and production. Our producers have worked with acts from Tupac to the Coasters.

Rock, Rap, Country, Classical, Jazz ...you name it! Call now to reserve your studio time! FREE PRODUCTION

Modest rates... Includes top-notch engineer and producer! We have a comfortable, productive atmosphere ...Bands, singers, songwriters...We can help you sound your best!

Call us at (386) 575-2601 or (386) 801-9426
Email: fstarchak@aol.com
Location: 682 Deltona Blvd. 32725
Ask for Frank Starchak

Our List of Satisfied Clients Include: Tupac Shakur, The Coasters, Jen Stackpole, Dennis Chambers, Vincent Martella, Tobias Hurwitz, The British Invasion, Bud Hedinger Jimi Pappas, Lloyd Marcus, Little Lissy, Romona Laureano, Lisa Aime, Shauna Roddy, Frank Carter, Phil Clemente, Jose Rodriqez, Adrian Sutton, Dan Cook, Michele Anne, Sa-Rah, Urban Prophet, Bill Scott, Vizion, John Babcock, Ginger, Debbie Patsos, Martial Arts World, Gene Gizzi, Volusia County Boys and Girls Club, Darrell Monroe, Then 2 Now, Stony Sixma, Megan Hevner, Charles Parker Band, The Beach Bumz ,The Evening Habit, Pellets On Target, The Manke Family, Giulia, Lillian Stabile, Al Parsons, The Past Time Band, Jim Kennedy, Dave Weaver, Pauline Joy, Michael James Hoffman, The Poorhouse Rockers, The RattleCats, Barbara Vu, Inheriting the Kingdom Ministries , Capt.Josh, Dondi, Jack Beery, Morris Weiner, Pecolia, Rey Gomez, Ricky Vacca, Thom Chambers, Wes Davis, Jerry Seigal, Refuge, Jim Hardwick, Mirror, Ozietta Taylor, The Mirror Image, Rod Dotson, Sir Andre, John Tipton, The Swingin Lizards, Instant Impact Advertising, Ashley Marie, Kenny Jones, The Jacobs Brothers Band, Rev. Ernset Turner, Darlene LaFrance, Matt Gregory, Larry Kutlick, Larry Crystal Productions, The Gilman School, Johns Hopkins University All Nighters, Rick Goldberg, Reverend's Rebels, Interscope Records, Gumption Records, Vision quest Records, Sure Shot Records, Malignant Records, Goucher College, DJ Delights, The Baltimore City Police Youth Choir Boxx Out productions, Saint James Methodist Church, Faith Evangel Lutheran Church, The Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, Jupiter's Thigh, Aqua World, Control, Mike El,Mickey Rogers, Tommy Vann, Bob Brady, Beach Party Productions, Cold Shoulder, Cameleon Entertainment, Motion Sound, TBC Advertising ,Mr. Freeze, The Mackerels, Life's Pleasure, Sincliar, H-Bomb, Badmouth, Paul Trunk, The Commercial Holding Company, The Lighthouse Quartet, The Tobias Hurwitz Band, Don Waldrop, Sex and Sin, Tanya Louise, Same Difrence, AJ Howard, David Oliver, Clyde Allen, Park  Avenue, Davy Watson, Seade, IRS Records Major League, Ten Karat Gold, Tuxedo Daydream, The Jitters, The Montgomery Cliffs, Joey Salvia, Jam N Knight Productions, The Feel, Soldiers Of The Cross, Joe Pachino, One Faith, Freaks Of Nature, The Clearfields, Mirage , Exodus, Tom Bloom, Misfits, Hott Chixx, Jabazz, G.Smooth, Bamdad Bahar, Big Yeah, Bob Bell, Free Love Hippie Machine, Kay and the Nightriders, From The Bottom, First Choice, The Gospel Jubinetts, Vernon Bartee, Chuck DeFontes ,Jerry Steele, Solomen, Dead Mans Disco, Simon Sneed, Mid Life Crisis, New Touch, Janice Ellison, Roger Pace, Straight From The Street, The Kinetics, 2Funkin Heavy, Lewis Morgan, Full Metal Jacket, Frankie V, and the list goes on ...and on (enter your name here).

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